‚ÄčKari Crawford, Owner/Trainer


Applecross Farm Colorado

Kari did  wonders with my Adopted wild mustang. Kari's keen sense of animal behavior and her patience prevailed with my little black horse. She came home happy,honest, reliable and safe and is now a loved member of our family. Once a wild mustang who did not trust has now become a sweet soul, beloved pet and is even safe enough for my 2 year old son. Thanks Kari for taking on my wild project and giving her the confidence to trust and the kindness to carry a rider on her back.                                                -Nicole Von Tempske  Eagle, CO

   I am lucky to own (be owned? ;P) by my dream horse, the Andalusian stallion SL Fortuno. I want to say that without Kari and John's knowledge, experience, and skill Fort would not have had the successes he has achieved in the last several years. He was shown to Reserve Champion Halter stallion all ages in 2008 by John Clay, and then again to Reserve Champion Halter stallion with Gold Medal movement in 2010 by Kari Crawford; Champion Jr. Horse Western Pleasure, Champion Open Western Pleasure. and 2nd Place Working Equitation by Kari Crawford.   We anticipate many more successes with such a competent team, and as Fort's owner and breeder, cannot imagine his career being managed by any other professionals in the horse business. The care Fortuno receives is unquestionably the best, and I have 100% confidence in Kari's handling- and decision-making abilities.  I am so thankful for their friendship and support, and Fort is blossoming again for the summer season: he is SANE, healthy, and a happy soul - testament to his care while standing at his home: Applecross Farms.  Susannah Rogers and Bagley Crowder   www.ColoradoAndalusian.com

I met Kari Crawford many years ago and always enjoyed watching her work with horses. She is lovely, kind and quiet and also knowledgeable and professional. When one of my youngsters was old enough to be started under saddle, but my schedule didn't allow me to be consistent enough, I asked Kari to get him going. I am very impressed with her work, she is passionate about each individual horse and addresses their personal needs. All the horses at Applecross Farm seem to be very laid back and happy. We love her work so much that we recently took another young horse to her to get started under saddle. I can highly recommend the services Kari offer. 
-Karen Oberlohr

Kari has been a wise choice of trainer for our young, exuberant, SP Andalusian gelding. He not only needs a strong "leader" to respect, but he needs someone who can analyze his special needs for training. Kari has been excellent at figuring out what will work for him, then doing that, instead of just following a "one size fits all" training method. So, a horse we had hoped would take to classical dressage by age five, seems to prefer jumping and other more "brain-teasing" activities while he is young, and Kari handles him so confidently. We will go with his personal talents and see what happens as he matures."
-Linda & Norman McMullen 

Of all the trainers I've had, you are, without question, the very best. Your comfort around my horses made me comfortable around you. You rode Cicso on the trail most of the time, instead of doing lots of circles in the arena, and after one summer's worth of riding, I wasn't too sure what he had learned. (I didn't observe one training technique ever!) But then when I rode him (and had a friend ride him) we learned how soft and willing he was...and the weird thing is....I never saw it happen...It was like magic! You simply taught by riding him, thanking him for every good deed and so quietly correcting him when he slipped up. He is now so quiet and easy to ride it amazes me. A friend has been riding Melito on occasion and her mom, a long time horse woman, was in town for a weekend. She so badly wanted to ride an Andalusian I offered her Cisco, explaining that he hadn't been out in a couple of months. We went for an easy walk in our greenbelt and afterwards she laughed and said she would never have put anyone on any of her (non) Andalusian horses that hadn't been ridden for two months. She was a good rider and knew exactly what she (and) he were doing. No mishaps or minor road bumps. And, I attributed that all to Kari's kindness and quiet skill. I would hire her any time...her prices are reasonable and she puts 150% into each session. 
While riding with her in the Black Forest Park, a wild thunderstorm blew in. We couldn't get back to the trailer in time so ended up dismounting and walking back in a blinding rain storm with loud thunder and lightening that seemed just inches above our heads. We were slipping and sliding and getting more and more lost with each bucket of rain on our heads. But, the horses stayed calm and stayed with us as we stumbled and fell all over the place. It scared the poop out of all of us but the horses remained calm and trusting. They walked right into the trailer as soon as we got back and started munching hay. The two of us that were on Andalusians felt lucky that we had no mishaps. The water was ankle deep and we slid down the non-trails just to get to the bottom. It made me feel incredibly comfortable to be with my Andalusian, and just as comfortable to be with an experienced trainer like Kari. Bomb proof! So kind, so easy to communicate with, and all loaded in that 4 foot package.) The entire family works together as a team, when necessary, to produce a near perfect product every time. I can't thank her enough. 
T. A. Kramer

In 2009 I was searching for a gentle, knowledgeable soul to start a pretty special young gelding. Fortunately I found Kari as the result of an enthusiastic recommendation from veterinarian Dr. Kris Ahlberg (Fairplay, CO). Though too extensive to list here, I've since been witness to the significant equine skills Kari possesses. Suffice it to say, I've sent two more youngsters to Applecross Farms for Kari to start (and I visit for lessons and other fun every chance I get). All three horses are flourishing and wonderfully positioned to grow further into their potential due to Kari's expert and intuitive work with them. Whether you're seeking to get a youngster started right, prepare yourself and your horse for grand prix level riding, school for summers competing in local shows or country fairs, or simply wanting to develop an equine partnership so as to enjoy the trails behind your house, Kari have the know-how and professionalism to help you and your horse get there if you're willing to put the time in yourself. Know that principle within their philosophy is the goal of a safe and healthy relationship between horse and rider. Many different types of people are drawn to horses. Kari and John are the best type and my horses (and I) are the better for having found them. It's a joy to watch them work and to learn under their expert, astute and kind eye.
Rebecca Welborn , Littleton, Colorado

I don't have the words to adequately thank you and John for helping Blue and I. Not only have you helped us become a [more] functional team, you've helped Blue transform from a neurotic, reactive spaz to a relaxed, functional horse. If it weren't for the both of you, he'd have been passed on a long time ago. Now, he'll be with us forever. :)
Julie Maiatico and Blue, Colorado Springs, CO